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I have a confession.

2009-04-24 19:47:44 by MyGuitarSticks

I'm not really 14... I'm... OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so original.

Now for my new love of... STARE DAD COMICS!!! :D

I have a confession.

I tried it today at school. Felt like my arms were having orgasms, and in fifth period I came a little.

Now for racist pic that I can'y believe I actually saved.

Have you ever wore a hoody inside out?

More pics pl0x

2009-04-23 17:31:58 by MyGuitarSticks

Jesus hates you.

More pics pl0x


Bitch, I just divided by zero...

Take your kid to work day?

2009-04-22 21:32:56 by MyGuitarSticks

Appearently, tomorrow is take your kid to work day, and my dad is taking me to work tomorrow.

This is gonna suck. Although, it is a good excuse to get out of school.

I'll edit this tell you how it went. That is, if anyone actaully gives a shit.

EDIT: I'm too fucking lazy to actually type everything. So, you're all a bunch of lucky fucks.

Until then, enjoy my fetish of dividing by zero...


Take your kid to work day?

If what I belive in is true, I'm going to Hell for saving this picture.

You all know I'm a Christian, right?

Now go smoke your weed.

Done? Look at this.

Happy 420 you high motherfuckers.

I'm still taking requests...

2009-04-13 18:34:25 by MyGuitarSticks

For what to draw.

Still no porn.

And for a motivational pic that pedos will love.

I'm still taking requests...

What should I draw?

2009-04-12 17:50:49 by MyGuitarSticks

I've been pulling blanks for a while, and I got a some sketching tools today for my birthday. I'll post a pic of them in this post.

So I'm asking YOU, NewGrounds, what should I draw?

That's right, request it and I'll give it a shot... no porn though, sorry.

Here's the pic.

In order: Rotring TIKKY II 0.5 (x2), Rotring TIKKY Eraser, U Create Sketch Diary, BAZIC Sketch Pad.

What should I draw?

Nothing really.

Now for a picture that a Christian would probably get pissed off about. I thought it pretty funny, yet I was offended at the same time.

I bet you're wondering what I'm doing at 5:15am.